The Eskimos have been on a hunt for food (fish, crab and other animals). They have to return home to their Igloos by the end of the day. The Eskimo who arrives first is rewarded with the best meal and wins the game. The arctic terrain on which they travel is a giant ice field with the Eskimos on one side and the Igloos on the opposite side. In the board game, in between the Eskimos and igloos are eight patches dotted with icons on squares depicting crevices, sleds, polar bears, harpoons, crabs, footprints and fish ponds. The Eskimos have to use their memory as well as intelligence to cross this terrain.



Icey field patches: 8

Starting ice field patch: 1

Arrival ice field patch: 1

Igloo piece: 1

Kayak cut-out: 1

Harpoon cut-outs: 4

Dice: 1

Play pawns: 4 in assorted colours

Tokens: 11

Instruction Manual


SKU: 39729





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