Disney - Minnie - Sequin Pictures craft toys for kids ages 3 and above

About the product

This craft activity kit is perfect for the very young child (3-5 years) and serves as a stimulus to get involved in creative play in the formative years. The Sequin pictures selected here are the child's favourites - Minnie and Daisy, which the child of the age is very familiar with.

The activity involves sticking coloured sequins in pre-determined areas of the pre-gummed picture templates to get a pair of beautiful sparkling pictures.

This simple craft activity develops the child's concentration and patience. The child gets engrossed in this very absorbing play activity. Besides the creativity the child of this young age develops basic skills such as geometry (size and shape), measuring, and sorting. It also helps to develop fine motors skills in young children, which in turn helps them to be writing-ready as they near school age.

Disney - Minnie - Sequin Pictures

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