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The Frozen look can transform the appearance of glass candle pots like never before. The merest tint of colour and sparkling gemstones along with the snowy wax can give the glass candles that cool 'Frozen' look. The gel wax completely transforms the get-up of the goblet shaped candles.

Lit up in a darkened room the candles give a new illuminated Northern lights aura to the room. These Frozen gel wax pots serve as excellent souvenirs and mementoes.

The components provided in the kit enable you to make three fascinating miniature FROZEN candles with a very cool look.

Disney - Frozen Candles

SKU: 39653
  • MIni Glass Goblets: 3
  • Gel wax: 1 Sachet
  • Candle wax: 1 Sachet
  • Wicks: 3
  • Plastic spoon: 1
  • Sand: 3 sachets in assorted colours
  • Artificial gem stones (blue): 1 packet
  • Artificial gem stones (yellow): 1packet
  • Artificial gem stones (pink): 1 packet
  • Adhesive: 1
  • Instruction manual





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