This DIY offering enables you to make as many as 5 items for your working table/desk. These include:


  • Stationery holder

  • Presentation box

  • Memo pad

  • Paper quilled photoframe

  • Origami flowers and Vase


The best part about these articles is that they carry your stamp of creativity. Once complete, they can be proudly displayed and actually used.


All the components and raw materials required for making them are provided in the kit. The illustrated instruction manual will guide you through each step for all the items.


So what are you waiting for - open this craft box and start right away!

Desk-Top Creations

SKU: 39765
  • Denim fabric: 1
  • Corrugated card paper: 1
  • Mount board cut-out: 21
  • Adhesive: 1
  • High-lighter tube: 1
  • Pattern paper: 2
  • Origami paper: 20
  • Card cut-out: 2
  • Artificial gemstone: 1 packet
  • White paper sheet: 40
  • Quilling strip: 100
  • Paper quilling tool: 1
  • Stiffened paper stem: 6
  • Button: 1 packet
  • Paper quilling manual
  • Instruction manual





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