Cubic Fun Displays

Cubes in the form of puzzles have always been popular - the Rubik's Cube being the most played to date.


The popularity of this form is now extended to crafted DIY cubes. These can become great displays provided one incorporates a fun and surprise element to them. Three such cubic articles which can be made from this kit are:


  • Pop-Up cubes in a box

  • Magical Spiral cubes

  • Pull-out cubes tower


These offerings are bound to generate a WOW factor both from the maker and also from others. More so, while demonstrating the different actions for all the three.


Moreover the cubes are very giftable - they can serve as greeting cards and displays. Those who receive them will be quite delighted by these cubic crafted creations!


All the material required along with instructions are provided.


Cubic Fun Displays

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