Colourful Closet - Logic Based Learning Game for Children Ages 5 6 7
  • MIND GAME – Colourful Closet is a learning game by Toykraft which stimulates logical thinking, spatial arrangements & visual comprehension. In this game, the child learns about colours, different kinds of objects and accessories, logic and arrangement.
  • WHAT THE GAME CONSISTS? - The game comprises of 36 pieces which have a common jigsaw edge. This offers multiple connective options. The game also includes a guide book for parents and teachers like many other Toykraft learning games.
  • HOW TO PLAY? – Game 1 - The child can first complete all the 6 piece closets according to the colour so that nothing sticks out. Each closet has 6 accessories in a common colour. This helps the child in the visual arrangement.
  • HOW TO PLAY? – Game 2 - Apart from the colour closet the child can now make 6 closets which are compiled accessory-wise. So, each closet has 6 assorted coloured accessories. This is a new arrangement which the child has to arrive at with a lot of trial and error.
  • HOW TO PLAY? – Game 3 - A challenging extension is arranging each closet with all different accessories without repeating any colour and completing the closet without any jigsaw puzzle piece sticking out. This Toykraft learning game is a perfect mind puzzle for children who need to develop logical thinking and STEM skills.
  • PLAY EXTENSION - More mind-challenging examples are provided in this learning game wherein the child uses logic along with trial and error to get the right answers. Do try out other Toykraft Learning Games which equally rich with educational content

Colourful Closet - Logic Based Learning Game for Children Ages 5 6 7

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