• This is a six 6 piece puzzle set ( 36 large chunky pieces in all) with 6 colours and 6 personal effects.
  • This offering provides the starting point for learning 3 important topics - colour, spatial arrangement and logical thinking. The assorted puzzle examples provide appropriate levels of challenge for children at 5 years old.   
  • These puzzles are a great way to encourage your child into problem-solving by seeking solutions. Children understand the concept of trial and error and probe and play.
  • The puzzle as a game provides hands-on learning. Once solved, they improve self-esteem and confidence in the child.
  • The puzzles enhance intellectual skills in the child.



Colourful Closet aims to gradually take children beyond just identifying and assorting colours or objects.

The colours & pictures of a variety of hats, shoes, sunglasses etc. keep up the interests of the children while engaging them in observation exercises using simple logic.



  1. Assort & arrange all objects of the same colours together to complete a colour closet.
  2. Put 6 same objects together in 6 other closets
  3. Arrange the pieces in a manner that no one object or colour is repeated, in other words, fill each closet with all different objects, all of the different colours.
  4. In these exercises, there is only one unique solution wherein a child uses spatial skills and logic to solve them.

Colourful Closet - 36 Jigsaw Pieces for Ages 6 7 8 - Logic Mind Game

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