Board game for kids ages 7 and above

About the product

CHECOLO is a logically appealing, competitive and fast-paced game for the entire family. With a combination of the logic and strategy, the excitement of this game is raised to a new high.


The aim of the players is to move all their tokens to the opposite side of the board in a straight direction backward or forward, left or right, or even diagonally forward or backward and the player, who crosses all the tokens first, wins. With some clever positioning combined with strategy, players can move their tokens over long, mind-blowing pathways right across the board. But they have to also follow Checolo rules. While moving a token in a particular slot, have to check for similar coloured token of the opponent in the mini square area, in the same row and column as well. It can be so frustrating for a player who has master-minded a great move across the board to despairingly realize that the opponent has cleverly blocked it.


CHECOLO � a unique combination of a puzzle and board game is very closely contested and for players who have gained a level of expertise, every move counts.




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