Celebrate With Greeting Cards

ABOUT THIS KIT - This Toykraft greeting card kit provides you ample scope to make greeting cards for every occasion. You can make personalized greeting cards for any celebration. You can make as many as 8 cards for many an important occasion from this kit


WHAT’s INSIDE? – On offer in the Toykraft kit besides the illustrated book on Card-making, are a host of décor material such as blank cards, envelopes, designed printed paper, printed message and picture cut-outs, buttons, sequins, glitter glue, coloured cards, ribbons, sketch pen and craft glue.


HOW DO YOU  DO THIS? - The comprehensive booklet from Toykraft on Cardmaking will guide the Hobbyist to make Greeting cards for every occasion. Be it a birthday, new-born, anniversary, get-well, mother's, or father's day or festival cards, all these themes can be made in your own style and journaled in your own text. All in all, you can mix and match the decor material to make some outstanding greeting cards. A collage of these constituents is the most obvious option for making the cards.


WHAT DO WE LEARN? - This craft activity offers a perfect alternative fun way to keep kids busy, learning essential life skills, and using their imagination. They get exposed to practical skills such as dexterity, material assembly, and much more. The final cards look quite spectacular. You can make unique cards for any occasion. The book on card making educates you on different greeting card making techniques. 

GIFT IT – A hand-made card will be a very meaningful present for many important events. Great gifting option to kids of ages 7 and above as a kit. Personalized greeting cards are a fabulous idea for friends and family!

Celebrate With Greeting Cards

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