Cards Crafted Creations

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This collection of hobby material and the different creative activities emanating thereof is a dream-come-true for the craftsman who wants to make personalized greeting cards.


The creative catchment comprises of a copious assortment of craft media ranging from sand and sequins in assorted colours, adhesive and glitter glue, coloured paper quilling strips and quilling tool, ribbons, twine and buttons, printed design paper, card cutouts, shells in four assortments, wool in 3 colours and needless to state the card stock itself.


Wow!! That really is quite an assortment. You can use the material provided to make paper quilled, mosaic or collage cards.


And with whatever craft material that is still left over, you can let yourself go and create many more creative items from this crafty compendium!!

Cards Crafted Creations

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