Toykraft Amazing Animal Puzzle for children
  • This puzzle set is a teaching aid for children to learn about as many as 20 jungle animals. There are 80 jigsaw puzzle pieces which put together correctly, provide illustrated information about these animals as a 4 piece puzzle set. Children see the full form of the animal, a closeup of the face, footprints and the skin texture.
  • All the puzzle pieces of this set are of the same size, have common jigsaw edges and are colour coded at the edges, By colour matching, the child joins the appropriate 4 jigsaw pieces for each animal. Thereby it can study all the features of each animal as a set. Some of the animals in the puzzle set include deer, tiger, rhino elephant, camel-lion, racoon, koala to name a few.
  • Taking advantage of the common size of puzzle pieces, multi-probe and play possibilities are provided in a beautifully illustrated instruction manual. Thereby children understand various aspects of nature/animals and their surroundings, stimulating their interest to explore more.
  • The educational aid unveils fascinating and surprising facts about the animals while enhancing their matching and sorting skills and visual discrimination. They can study animal footprints and skin textures. The Instruction manual provides interesting play and learns exercises about animal trivia.
  • The common size of the piece provides another fun and interesting gameplay option. All the puzzle pieces are placed face down and players gain points in making different arrangement of a complete 4 piece set, Points are also gained for 4 piece set of animal forms, animal faces, skin textures and footprints.

Amazing Animals - 72 Self Correcting Jigsaw Pieces for Ages 5 6 7

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