Learn to Add & Subtract with Toykraft learning game
  • Add and Subtract provides a pictorial approach to learning these Maths skills in children. The concept is taught through self-correcting picture puzzles. The puzzles provide structured learning towards the basic concepts of addition and subtraction through picture sequences in time.
  • Through an illustrated approach, the memorization of concepts that relate to this subject is gained through this 35 pair jigsaw puzzle set. That Addition and Subtraction are two sides of the same coin, is brought home in a practical hands-on learning platform in these educational jigsaw puzzles.
  • Children can be made to learn only about addition first through the self-correcting jigsaw puzzle examples in the shapes of triangles. These are the ones where the jigsaws fit at the top to complete the triangle. This can be followed up by the Subtraction examples, wherein the solution piece fits on the side to complete the triangle.
  • Initially, the child fits the pieces by auto-learning using the appropriate self-correcting jigsaw piece. Later, the child can actually count and select the correct number on its own. Finally, the child can add or subtract without counting and can insert the desired piece directly. At a later stage, the child can then be asked to do the puzzles randomly and not in the ascending sequence as done earlier.
  • Besides the pictorial representation, examples can also be solved using only the numbered pieces and the +, - and = notations pieces. These are equivalent to solving the same as exercises in a Math book. One has the option of also creating multiple additions and subtraction examples in this compilation.

Add & Subtract - 72 Pieces Educational Puzzle for Ages 5 6 7

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