3 IN 1 ACTIVITY PACK - WINGS toys for kids ages 5 and above

About the product

These are a set of thematic 3 in 1 activities provided in the same box.

They are ideal starter kits for children as young as 3 year olds.

The activities are

solving jigsaw puzzles of this theme with increasing challenging level

finger painting pictures of the same theme

and finally making sequin pictures


Skills gained by the child

Develops concentration and patience

Channelizes the energy levels

Instills creativity

Helps develop fine motor skills, hand-eye coordination

Understanding spatial arrangement concepts

Develop intellectual, physical skills

Display option




The jigsaw puzzles are completed by joining 4 to 6 jigsaw pieces using visual discrimination skills

Each completed picture can then be inserted in a frame which fits this picture

The six pictures are then arranged correctly to match the entire panorama picture of the same theme

The BIG PICTURE can also be proudly displayed



The selected Sequin pictures of this theme include those which the child of the age is very familiar with

It is a wonderful starter craft kit for this age group

Large size sequins are provided in assorted colours

The child has to stick these sequins on the pre-gummed template to get a pair of beautiful sparkling pictures



Finger painting allows even a 2 to 3 year old to dabble in this art when it is difficult for them to do it with a paint brush

Finger painting with children can

also be a great way for them to experiment, learn cause and effect and learn about colours and how they mix

The pictures in this pack are specially selected for toddlers painting for the first time and are thematic

Outline guides help early learners to paint within the boundaries




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