Review: Awesome Strawsome

Review: Awesome Strawsome

A little chai and DIY is just the perfect recipe for the monsoon! Especially for those who totally love DIY projects.

Awesome Strawsome is a different construction kit which enables you to create 2D or 3D figures using pipes and connectors.

Made for 7 plus and up….with 120 straw pieces in 8 colours and 120 connector pieces…there’s enough to go round for the whole family.

A Boredom buster

The instructional manual in the kit actually guides to make different transport figures and solid geometry shapes.

In fact, it would great as a teaching aid for learning cubes, cuboids, spheres etc.

But our little whiz kids had an entirely different agenda in mind! ‘We will not follow the manual, we want to create our own shapes from our own imagination’ was the hue cry.

So they huddled up as pretend scientists; ‘we are making new aavishkars’ was the answer.

And this was the result.

Fun Infinite

While they might not have followed the precise instructions of the kit – they had super-duper fun.

This was one tester product where adult instruction was completely overruled!

They were so excited looking at the pieces and trying to create their own designs that time just flew by….finally, they were forced to stop!

Inventive Imaginative Inspired

The final designs and ideas from the kids were amazing.

They made a kaleidoscope chakra and held it at the window and watched it fly.

They thought the pieces would be perfect to create hanging mobiles

They created their own DIY toys to play

While we adults were not given a chance to try our luck, the stuff that can be made from ‘Awesome Strawsome’ is unique.

One can create exclusive invites to go with a ‘transport’ themed birthday party or use them as part of the décor. Similarly, almost any shape can be created for decorating or gifting purposes.

It would be awesome as well for a school project for shapes or even models.

While we promise to come back with some more designs and models, we hope that you do give it a try and do post your inventions over here as well.

‘Connecting’ has never been more fun!

Rating - Here’s how we rate Awesome Strawsome by Toy-Kraft on a scale of 1-5

Creativity & Design (5/5)

While the product is simple and easy to use, it completely depends on individual creativity. So buy if you are inclined towards DIY.

Purpose and Skill (4/5)

DIY is meant to inculcate creativity, give a form to the imagination – and this product scores on that aspect.

Durability (5/5)

Bend it, cut it, throw it from place to place but don’t lose it…and you are good.

Price (4/5)

As I said earlier it’s mainly for the DIY hearted… priced at Rs. 399, worth it if you are going to use it. Makes for a great gifting option as well.






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