Toy-Kraft: redefining PLAY

Updated: Dec 3, 2018

We at Toy-Kraft believe that childhood is a special time and ‘play time’ is what gives a child maximum pleasure. But play is much more than just having fun…

It is through play that your child develops essential life skills, learns how to interact with peers and adults, discovers creativity, adapts and develops new skills, and also learns a whole range of emotions.

Play has a vital role in your child's mental and physical development, and as a toy company we take pride in creating diverse opportunities for your child to PLAY.

PLAY for us not just signifies fun and games but is a more stimulating concept.

PLAY for us stands for (promoting lively learning activities for the young (at heart))

All our products are carefully thought of from a child’s perspective, be it visual appeal, innovativeness of product design and most importantly safety parameters.

Be it a construction kit, our vast hobby range or puzzles and board games – all products are carefully researched and developed with these values in mind. 

Our promise to our valuable child-customers is ‘to provide the broadest selection of original products to help them develop, learn, have fun and be safe. We want children to PLAY, to grow up with good values and learn life lessons thru PLAY’

Our toys are designed to give children a sense of happiness, of achievement, of wanting to do it again.

We hope to see your family ‘grow up’ playing with Toy-Kraft.

We’d love to be a part of your child’s PLAY.

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