A whole lot of Play!

Want to bring back that smile which has been missing from your child’s face? The one and only time-tested solution that has seldom failed to bring cheer and happiness onto a child’s face is…yes, you guessed it right – a Toy! From a 4-month-old baby to a 15 year old and sometimes even a full grown adult, toys have seldom failed to bring cheer and happiness. Try snapping your fingers or clapping your hands in front of a baby or a toddler, you may probably get a wry smile, but the moment you flash a colourful toy, their face lights up! 

There must be more than 50 categories of toys available today. Building blocks, pull & push toddler toys, plush toys, jig-saw puzzles, puppets, metal construction toys, collectables, dolls, doll houses, electronic cars, magic tricks, art & craft hobby kits, board games, balloon toys, character models, role play sets, action toys, educational games, video games, musical toys, water toys, outdoor toys, robotic toys, sports tools etc. to name a few.

Toys provide children with a stimulus that fosters personal expression and intellectual growth. They provide vistas in opening a child's mind to new ideas and skills. The different characteristics of toys will always show you their importance in a child’s life. As profiled above there are several categories of toys & toys in each category will have their specific characteristics. One of the common & most important characteristics of toys is, they provide a platform for children express & apply. Books have limitations in terms of providing experimentation possibilities. Toys make subject more interesting for the child by offering them to participate, manipulate, experiment & arrive at learning.

Yet other important attribute of toys is that, they are a voluntary indulgence for children. For children, toys equal amusement & enjoyment. Toys are well accepted by them & children do not need to be pushed to play. Hence, making toys a very effective surrogate way of learning of academic concepts like numbers, language, logic, reasoning, problem solving etc. apart from non-academic lessons.

 “I hear and I forget, I see and I remember. I do and I understand.’’

The above-mentioned attributes, directly lead to the third benefit, i.e. higher impact & better retention. As the learning in school is driven by set curriculum mostly through books, educational toys & games provide a platform where learning is retained more strongly as it is experienced through fun and play thus expanding their mental abilities. Various puzzles & board games designed for particular subjects, classic tangrams, pentominoes etc. are few examples of toys that aid teaching, or learning should we say.

Arts and crafts sets enable the child to get first-time hands on opportunity for personal expression. An Art and Craft activity such as finger painting and creating simple mosaic pictures gives the child a sense of achievement and creativity while enhancing their motor abilities. Clay, sand, pottery, origami, quilling, fabric art, tie & die etc. are all different media that help children not only with artistic skills but also act as stress busters.

Playing games with friends builds their interpersonal skills, language skills & even planning skills. Board games are generally thematically designed, thus giving children knowledge on various topics. For example, some games consciously involve game play where children must use skills like barter, trading, completing tasks, racing towards a goal while collecting maximum goodies etc. thus helping children put their intellect into practice. What better way for a child to improves problem-solving skills! These games pose real life like situations, which the children tackle with fun & enthusiasm, sometimes making mistakes & learning from other friends.

“When I was a kid, I went to the store and asked the guy, do you have any toy train schedules?”

Mechanical or construction toys concentrate on the mechanics. For children interested in constructions & mechanics or even trains, chopper, cars etc., these toys provide a good exposure to the subject in a friendly & playful way. These toys offer a parallel learning & experience that is otherwise out of reach for children. These toys motivate children to experiment & create.

“Children are little people.”

 Not only do ‘toys’ prove to be companions for children, they also encourage group plays, thus satisfying the natural need for friends & companionship. Books are essential for knowledge, facts & codes of conduct. However, it is play that can effectively establish feelings of friendship, community, belonging & trust.

Some other indirect benefits of toys are,

A breather from the academic fodder. Reduces time they spend mindlessly on TV. Encourages reading for understanding & learning by making topics interesting. Brings parents closer to children to solve communication problems parents of teens often face. Stress busting, creativity & thought boosting

“Whenever I fail as a father or husband... a toy and a diamond always works.”

Now that you understand the importance of toys a little better than before, we suggest, just remember it always when purchasing toys for your dear child. Common parameters people consider while choosing toys are: -

Skills (that your child naturally shows or ones that you are looking at encouraging in the child)Age group of the childToy safety depending on the age & maturity of the child


“A three year old child is a being who gets almost as much fun out of a fifty-six dollar set of swings as it does out of finding a small green worm.”

Thus it is important to understand children & their requirements at any point of their formative years

There is no denying that Playtime is the most important part of childhood and toys definitely have a key role to play (pun intended). If used effectively, toys serve as ‘facilitators’ for parents on their mission to assist their child’s development.

 “At ToyKraft while designing toys, we take it as our duty to engage children & make them think beyond.” Toykraft’s core values stem out of toy innovation, vivid graphical presentation and modern design in their toy range. The essentials of a good toy are researched for every new toy release. These include improving creative ability for a child with an art and craft hobby product, imparting multi-learning in a preschool educational toy, teaching construction skills in assembly toys and improving logical thinking in the puzzles and game range. Traditional values and festival spirit are strongly represented through pioneering efforts in the craft and hobby products.






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