Kids Toys- PONCHO

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his is really a fun and interactive game where players also learn educational concepts. The game stage is a farm where the players have to collect a flock of 25 animals consisting of an equal number of sheep, goats, pigs, cows and horses.While doing so they have to also quickly make arrangements of 5 pens for each set of animals to fit a square barn board. There are many different ways to make the internal pens (unique combinations of 5 squares) within the square barn to complete the ‘Pancho’ and that’s when the children are learning geometry and spatial arrangements through fun and play.Pancho points are earned while collecting the five sets of animals and also on completing the Pens. A hot contest ensues between players who want to finish first at the same time block other players from doing so.Pancho provides great edutainment game play for the entire family.