Kids Toys- MAMMBOO

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Mammboo is a rollicking party and family game which keeps you in splits of laughter and charges up your adrenaline during play. It even revs up the more reserved players into a hyper mode resulting in action-packed excitement. In Mammboo the players relive the fun and tension-free lifestyle of prehistoric man mimicking them in a side-splitting behaviour with actions and sounds such as –Umbaa, Bunga, Toc Toc Toc to name only a few out of these crazy names and gestures. Besides this they also compete with one another in a mad dash to capture the elephant-like creatures – the Mammoths (now extinct, what with them being excessively hunted!).Keeping track of which sounds and actions need to be enacted can become quite challenging - even for sober souls with the twists and turns in the game.A must- play game for parties and outings!