Dot Mandala Table Coasters

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BrandToykraft Ideal ForUnisex Age Group7 years ContentsSquare wooden pieces: 6 Square acrylic pieces: 6 Paints in chain packs: 18 Toothpicks: 1 packet Cotton buds: 1 packet Wooden dowels: 6 Craft glue: 1 Instruction manual
  • Coasters are an important part of tableware to give your furniture the protection it needs from the water that stays from glasses or mugs. When a child makes them from start to finish as a handcrafted item, then the utility value of the coasters is enhanced. This kit enables a child to make 6 Dot Mandala coasters from start to finish. The art of painting dot Mandalas leads to relaxation of the mind and is quite therapeutic -like a kind of meditation.
  • Creating Dot Mandalas incorporates elements of symmetry and geometry. You learn about circles, angles, beams and spatial relationship. When you have created a beautiful Mandala, you have also enhanced your STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Math) skills.