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Deal of the month


  • " I love Toy-Kraft board games. They are simply exciting and mesmerizing. I was playing Mammboo with my family and it was superb. My entire family members were very happy and my home was filled with the laughter of happiness. It was fun to make sounds like Umbaa, Bunga, Toc Toc Toc. "

    Shivani Wagmare
  • " My daughter loves wind chimes, so I thought of buying Terracotta Tinkles for her as it gives her a lot of opportunity to explore and make her own Feng Shui designs. She completely loved the product and I was very happy and proud to see the beautiful wind chimes she made out of the product. The tinkling sound creates good mood in my home for everyone. "

    Sushma Mishra
  • " I am an Art and Craft Professional and used to wonder when we will have an Indian Company of International Standard who provides Art and Craft at an affordable price. My search was over the day I came across Toy-Kraft in one of the Toys Store. I liked the packaging of the products so much so that I bought 14, the very first time. Since that day I am an avid follower of Toy-Kraft and love their products. My students love the Toy-Kraft Art and Craft Ranges a lot. "

    Ambreen Warsi
  • " Toy-Kraft Educational Aids are amazing and it gives me a lot of option to buy for my 6 years old angel. I recently bought Old McDonald’s Farm and she loved it completely. Seeing her enjoying the challenging game puzzle was superb feeling. I recommend the product strongly as it is one of its kind and gives ample of scope for my child development. "

    Paritosh Balakrishnan
  • " I gifted Paper Quilling to my granddaughter aged nine on her birthday, who was extremely delighted with the product. She made many things using the quilling strips. She really enjoyed it a lot. Earlier she was making things with quilling paper but the new ideas in this gift made her imaginations soar. I would definitely recommend the product. "

    Om Sarawgi
  • " I got Toy Kraft Starter Kit for my son who loves Metal Construction. The product is amazing for the kids above 8 years who want to do something by themselves. Overall the product is very good and enhances the creativity of the child. The set includes booklet for making items using the parts which helps the child to develop their own items. This is very much useful for overall development of the child. I definitely recommend this product. "

    Prasad Pandit
  • " I got Mould n Paint – Cars for my 4 year old son who wouldn't let me do anything until we finished the whole do. Make sure you prepare the plaster of Paris well n fresh. That's thicker than say Fevicol glue (or idli batter for mummy's reference!) and do not dispose in kitchen sink! I had a great time with that. "

    Gulsan Singh
  • " Toy Kraft is a boon to us parents. The products are so meticulously designed keeping in mind the overall development of children. It touches every sphere, be it motor skills, creativity and so on. The quality, vibrant colours, ideas etc used for various products are outstanding and it grabs attention of kids and adults alike. I end up doing some DIY meant for my girl ;). No more fret about birthday gifts or return gifts. You can find a gift for everyone right here. "

    Lavita Menezes


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